Vruksham 90


Vruksham 90

We inherit a legacy of a rich cultural heritage. It was centuries before the modern day Environmentalists raised hue and cry over the hazards of environmental pollution and depletion of ozone layer; owing to ruthless felling of the green cover, that our RISHIS- the scientists of the yore, mentioned that THE VERY EXISTENCE OF VASUNDHARA (Mother Earth) will be under threat, if 90 basic species of VRUKSHAM are not preserved!

SHUNYA (Zero) is India's gift to the world. Can we imagine what would have been the state of Mathematics if it weren't for this discovery! In fact, Industrial Revolution and subsequent IT Revolution would've been non-existent! Again number NAV (Nine) carries immense significance in our tradition. It's 9 planets that revolve around the Sun in this galaxy- and they directly or indirectly have bearing on our lives.

Similarly, we belong to the digital era- all the activities around us revolve between 0 to 9.

VRUKSHAM in a span of 12+ years, is already having offshoots in Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Belgaum etc. and is now poised to spread its wings to Goa, Coimbatore etc.

90 also signifies any transaction that we do- like the number of designations we handle, the number of Organizations we work with, number of candidates in our database, number of positions we can handle, the Compensation offered, etc. is an interplay of numbers ranging from 0 to 9. We are in the Service Industry. Much as we want to deliver 100% in whatever we do, we have always realized , we can be 90% of our best! The number 90 SERVES AS A REMINDER TO US THAT WE STILL HAVE A SCOPE OF IMPROVEMENT OF 10% IN WHATEVER WE DO!

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At Vruksham, we value and respect everyone with whom we interact and work with.


Vruksham, with decades of being in the industry has garnered immense appreciation and it is a matter of a pride to us to be a part of your journey

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