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I came to VRUKSHAM I was not treated like a candidate or customer. I was treated like one of the family men of VRUKSHAM. The feedback and encouragement that the team gave was really usefull and very interesting. Now my offer letter is in my pocket, this is only because of team VRUKSHAM. Let the blessings from god be on VRUKSHAM throughout my life and to all who take VRUKSHAM services...

I Like to thank god that I got an opportunity be associated with VRUKSHAM team. I felt like it is just one among hundred of consultant’s in Bangalore initially, but, very soon they “proved me wrong” even after placement VRUKSHAM will take care of their candidates like me. Thank you VRUKSHAM.

V as in VICTORY is in VRUKSHAM. I honestly feel that “victory is guaranteed” Our VRUKSHAM has spread it’s tentacles far and wide in just about a decades time from a very humble beginning” thanks to all the hard work they have been doing and will continue to do. Keep up the good work and “let your tribe” grow more. All the very best and many many thanks to you all...

I am fortunate to have been gifted with the access to VRUKSHAM TALENT GROUP. My latest achievement as “VICE PRESIDENT” “business development and delivery” is a testimony to the above. I sincerely pray the god and wish all success and happiness for MY VRUKSHAM FAMILY...

I have the opportunity to thank all the team VRUKSHAM, who have treated me not as candidate, but, as a family member of VRUKSHAM. Once again I would like to thank each and everyone for giving me an opportunity in growing professionally as well as personally.

I have applied for many consultancies but no consultancy gave this type of valuable support and advice. VRUKSHAM helped me a lot to improve my presentation skills and confidence which I was lacking very much. I once again thank VRUKSHAM team...

I would first like to thank you all for giving me an opportunity to build my career in what I wanted to be. They help us to build our career in a proper way “even they do tell” us how one should attend interview etc. etc. which no consultants do. If I come across any one who as in the same stage in which I was (i.e. looking for a good firm), I will definitely refer them to VRUKSHAM

Pleasure working with you all and this will be a “relationship I will cherish for a long time” huge difference in the way my profile was handled. I feel about VRUKSHAM a small team packed with a power punch. I wish you all the best for your entire team

I was over whelmed with the kind of follow-up and needful work which was done by you guys. I hope this VRUKSHAM team grows day by day and make its “branches-leaves-twigs-flowers” capture hook and corner of this country. Thanking you and wishing all the best

I would thank you all for all efforts, guidance in getting a “desired job” astounded, scratch all the way in-depth introduction to your client, interview-guidance Also helping me negotiate the final job offer from the client’s end. Thanks again and wishing you all SUCCESS and GOODLUCK at all times

Really thankful for your team and definitely I know VRUKSHAM TALENT GROUP is the best consultancy in INDIA.I will definitely inform to our “relatives and friends” to build a career in your team. This team is really number 1 consultancy in bengaluru. GOOD LUCK VRUKSHAM TEAM

I am really surprised and happy as the things were done in 3hrs!!! The follow up is very good, fantastic, appreciated. VRUKSHAM has given “some shade to me” while I was very hot. The word thanks will be less

To be associated with VRUKSHAM, “specify job in the market” I was placed in the desired profile I wanted. They provided me proper guidance how to go for the interview with personal attention and always at their toes to provide their best for the best person to achieve their goal. I wish all the best for the future and “keep on encouraging” all the jobless people as they do

I wish to congratulate your entire team for the dedication, involvement, service orientation, they truly are the “best seeds” of this large VRUKSHAM.I am confident that this “Unique and professional service” certainly not as a business that experienced quite a few consultants “quality of corporates” and individual you deals with, says it all. VRUKSHAM stands out tall, congrats once again I personally wish to make use of your service

I’m very much Impressed by the way you all treat a candidate, the way you all handle relationship with clients and the “ kind of reputation you all have in the market”. I have decide to refer all my friends (who are looking for a change) to TEAM VRUKSHAM.

VRUKSHAM has guided me a lot throughout the Interview process to achieve Success. I will ever remember the feel that I experienced during my stay with VRUKSHAM. I got a right career because of VRUKSHAM.I wish the team the very best and I will always remember how they have made me FEEL

VRUKSHAM understands the candidates frame of mind before providing the Placement. They do not merely see the qualification or skill. I thank VRUKSHAM TEAM for making me "FEEL AT HOME" when I visited your office. I would like to wish many more success for TEAM VRUKSHAM in all their endeavours

VRUKSHAM TEAM made my life comfortable with right career. VRUKSHAM takes utmost and special care during the entire process. Many words to say about VRUKSHAM but to put it in one sentence..."Our carreer can be shaped up with VRUKSHAM".

VRUKSHAM gave me a ray of hope which brought SUCCESS and HAPPINESS in my life

VRUKSHAM TEAM is strikingly different... They have good contacts, relationship and Reputation in the industry. The opportunity provided to me is truly exceptional and glad to have new chapter in my career. They have worked tirelessly on my profile since I first met them. I pray and hope VRUKSHAM will always be on my side throughout my career

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At Vruksham, we value and respect everyone with whom we interact and work with.


Vruksham, with decades of being in the industry has garnered immense appreciation and it is a matter of a pride to us to be a part of your journey

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